Project Finance
Our Business Development Projects Consulting practice provides specialized resources to assist in our clients' efforts to improve and expand their current activity and help meet their program objectives. Our team is composed of professionals with practical industry experience, providing in-depth understanding for performing:
business forecasts,
feasibility studies,
business plans
finding the appropriate financial resources for sustaining your company growth.
We have developed strong relationships with most of the local banks, commercial credit companies and leasing institutions, that enable us to determine the best lender-match for our clients: Unicredit Tiriac Bank, Volksbank, BERD, EFG Eurobank, ABN Amro, Anglo-Romanian Bank, Raiffeisen, BCR-Erste, West LB.

Corporate Finance
SANAF Consult offers several types of corporate finance services to large companies active in the pertochemical field, whether they are producing or trading. We are specialized in arranging all forms of credit facilities, including project finance, working capital facilities and all types of leasing. We can offer you independent advice on the full spectrum of corporate finance-related issues:
due-dilligence for mergers and aquisitions,
business plans,
market studies,
loan and leasing applications,
valuations and financial modelling.
We apply our experience to provide our best advice to our clients in many capacities including analyzing and negotiating financing contracts, collateral and credit risks, sales-purchase agreements, technical contracts (know-how, equipment and collateral services). Our structuring skills help you obtain the most cost-effective financing for your needs.